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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lego 71002: Lady Robot

My last post looked at an evil robot, so this time around I thought we needed to show off the lady robot from the Lego Minifigures series 11.  She's got some nice graphics on her cubist head, torso and legs.  However, unlike the newer robots these days, she isn't powered by an internal nuclear reactor, or solar energy.  No, she's got a big old wind up handle on the back so her friend can get her all powered up.  Hey before you guys get all hot and bothered about this mixed race relationship, did you notice her gentleman friend is actually a cyborg?

Featured Minifig:  Lady Robot
Series:  Minifigures Series 11
Year issued: 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lego 8833: Evil Robot

Hi Lego fans.  Today I went to another ToysRus mini figure exchange and got some new figures.  They were handed out in little ziplock bags when you gave them staff one of your old minifigs.   Here's the Evil Robot with his claw hand and deadly ray gun.  I really like his cool buckethead helmet and he is absolutely scary looking without his helmet.

Featured Minifig:  Evil Robot
Series:  8833 Minifigures Series 8
Year: 2012

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lego 75003: A-wing rebel pilot

We heard there's some illegals around here

Rounded up and subdued Sir

Resisting arrest, someone's gonna get a beat down.

Yesterday, ToysRus Canada had a Lego Star Wars figure exchange day.  More about it here:

 If you brought in an old Star Wars figure, ToysRus would give you a new one to replace it, according to the flyer.  When I got to the store, the store manager had some figures in a ziplock bag and she was passing them out to employees, so they could be attached on their name badges.  I think they started out with 4 or 5 new ones, and I've featured a couple of them in the pictures above.  I traded in some droids which I had a ton of, and got some clonetroopers I didn't have.  Also got a few of the A-wing starfighter mechanics, their helmets are cool.

I went to a second Toysrus store in the afternoon and all they had left were other peoples trade-in figures, nothing new left.  I traded more droids and got a Jar Jar Binks figure, and a Hoth soldier with a busted hand.
Let me know if you went to the Toysrus exchange and if you scored any cool new Star Wars figures.

Brand:  Lego
Series:  Star Wars
Featured Minifig: A-wing Rebel pilot from Star Wars 75003 A-Wing Starfighter
Year:  2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lego 60020: Cargo Truck

After Christmas this year, Target discounted a number of Lego sets.  This Cargo Truck, Lego 60020 caught my eye.  It comes with two mini figures, one is the woman truck driver and the other is the forklift driver. The forklift driver has ear muffs for protection, presumably from the loud noises at the cargo dock.

The cargo truck is an easy build and it comes in three parts, the chassis, the cab, and the cargo box.  The cargo box and cab can be easily detached from the chassis.  If you had spare Lego pieces, you could build a different cargo bed and swap it for the cargo box.  The cargo box opens up on the side to provide easy access to the inside. You could mount the box so that it can open either from the right side or left side. It's got room for two pallets.   This set has a pallet for an engine block and another for what look to be gas tanks.  Other accessories include a little hand truck and coffee mug.

The cab has opening doors and you could probably squeeze two mini figures into it if you tried.  It's got two black side mirrors and a wind deflector on the roof.  Two large exhaust pipes are directly behind the cab.

The orange forklift that comes with the set is a bit over sized in my opinion. But it does come with a movable forklift for lifting those heavy pallets.  The forklift comes with a steering wheel and two levers. The top opens up so you can place the driver mini figure in easily.

Hope you enjoyed this review.

Model:  60020 Cargo Truck
Manufacturer:  Lego
Series: City
Pieces: 321
Price:  about $50 retail.
Rating: 5 out of 5.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Lego 7119: Twin Pod Cloud Car

I remember this Lego Star Wars Twin Pod Cloud Car being one of the first Lego sets I bought back in 2002.  It was all I could afford back then, maybe it was $10?  Anyways, it got me addicted to the Star Wars line and over the years I bought quite a few more Lego Star Wars sets.

This one was a pretty simplistic build and after I was done, I recall being not too impressed with the fact that the windshields were rather crude.  Also the engine compartment, despite having an opening door was pretty bland.

Here's the front of the vehicle.  I took it apart not too long after I built it, and this has been the first time I have put it back together again, albeit maybe with some different colored pieces.

The rear view is pretty meh also.

The side view reminds me of a boat and doesn't have the graceful curves of the cloud car depicted in the star wars movie.

You only got one Lobot mini figure with the set.  I wished that there was an extra one.  Above you can see the cockpit door opened up to reveal the mini figure.  I added a lever for controls.

The top two shots show the engine compartment.  I added some minor detailing so it wouldn't look so blah.  The following pics show Lobot in more detail.

Thanks for looking!

Model: 7119 Twin Pod Cloud Car
Manufacturer:  Lego
Series: Star Wars
Pieces: 118
Price:  about $10 retail.
Rating: 3 out of 5