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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mail Delivery!

Canadians will probably be saying goodbye to the traditional door to door mail delivery service as Canada Post deals with a financial loss of $104 million dollars last quarter.  Only one third of Canadians still get their mail delivered door to door as the rest of the population has switched over to the community mailbox service over the past years.  It appears that Canada Post wants to transform itself into a parcel delivery service, but this space is already taken by the likes of  Fedex, Purolator and UPS already.  It's already very expensive to mail packages from Canada, so who knows how much more Canadians will have to pay for future delivery services.

What is the mail delivery service like where you live?  Is it expensive to mail packages?  Let me know!

I got my little Canada Post truck from, where else?  Canada Post.  It's about 1:43 scale and displays nicely with my generic Lego mini figure.

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